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Archist, Arkist, Arcist.
Arch, Ark, Arc.
Construction, Belief, Spark.

A Natural RULE
"The truth is our garden planet."

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Domain / Dominion
Overview of the arkist

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Archist ∆
  • (arcitect of spark and belief)
  • (arkitect of belief)
  • (architect of self or other things)
Like other topics, told what I am, and as perspective is understood, i build diety. Other men might be told, what is an archist, or an arkist, or they might say i am arkist or i am archist. So what does it mean. This is my perspective. Right research and discovery places the pieces. And I look at puzzle and try to solve problems with it. Wrong or right... how do i build seed of belief the grand arkitect might someday evaluate, without tearing his work to pieces?
  • Arkist; A Natural or Planet belief.
  • (Order introduced) Arkitypes; Like architypes of order designated for plants or evaluation of animals, an arkitye applies designated order to belief.
  • Ark Catholic, Ark Maya, Inca, Muslim, Native, Tribal (Tribes, the arkitects of tribal beliefs i found in florida with book i wrote called the space between (not finished or online) (it can make you blind. i already sufffered cortex overload and passed out. i thought I was blind for life,) Islam... or other belief; This is consider A+R, Ark with some complication of belief and deignated dieties or gods. Any of the arkitypes, might use such an addition, or not.
  • Ark Visu, If i practice visu, you know and I ask you to see angel, you tell me what angel looks like... and if i ask hindu, native, or muslim, they all return what they believe they look like, in accordance with what? It is called ark visu to me or holography. (here is definition chart) way I configure churches in town instead of elections violations, you can go to prince of peace church, and see michael the angel. You will see with your eyes. There I am.
  • (rule introduced) Natural RULE
Topics to Consider: Theology
  • Ark Catholic
  • Ark Christian
  • Ark Islam
  • Ark Mulsim
  • Ark Hindu
  • Ark Native, Tribal
Perspectives of constructionist, definition of word arch. This term "ark" has been redefinied online to mean "belief, construction of belief. The government of Belief is found at As an Arkitect of my own belief, their are many options available for the arkist. The most important is understanding a natural belief and rule relative to other belief.

Websites for arkist
Perspectives of angel building. If it is classic sojourne magic, then only I can see the shades. So...
  • What do you think the illumuel (intelligent spirit making, ghosts) are like?
  • What does illumuel look like?
See The shade experience and early test communications at

I am an arkist of Florida. I am arkist of florida.

Arkist, and where meaning is "construction of belief" (might or might not be indicated). A constructist or deconstructionist, arkitect, arkeology, arketype, etc. The archist is indicated here at a perspective. This is Archist (development page), and Arkist (development page)... construction of self and construction of belief... and also

NOTES Since I refuse to be a terorist for the war, I have decided instead to use the allegation of "god" to acquire land for the Arkists. When the acquisition is complete, I encourage you to visit me, and ask about working together to build the first arkist temple. I will continue to resolve the cross built over the county, and other issues from this new location. Of the thousand acre acquisition, a portion will be dedicated to Quantum Bell Inc. projects, and the rest will be a portioned the belief of the land. None of this land will have the trees or wildlife removed for development in full, the rest of the area will be designated as I work.

The belief is important for me relative to the gods. The planet is billions of years untold in age, and gods were here among men before electricity, artificial radio signaling and man made satellites. The planet, perhaps born of the star, our environment born of this planets, and of those environments and titans, the birth of life, our flocks, and mankind.

Most religions of earth have rites or other traditions. For some of those beliefs, it is pilgramage, or some sort of trek around the country talking to people, or with other reaonsing. This section I am developing the concept for Arkist, like a journey, i call arkist point. The concepts here, as i walk through the valley among all these beliefs and governments, is the preservation of natural life originating from earth and learning to live in accordance with. This journey began for me as well placed, between the RULE Sciences introduction seminars (a discovery at, and a dispute with the state refusing I build a business to earn income, store my belongings, or leave the territory area without interruption by officials to be returned here, to a weapon zone.

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